Conditioning Treat


Thermal Reconditioning

Smoothing and volumizing treatment. For frizzy and very dry hair. Enriched with Cashmere and Phytonutrients. These nourishing formulas are perfectly blended to provide the optimal dosage of essential moisture and proteins to treat dry or very dry hair from roots to ends: – Proteins to restore the deficiencies on the lengths, bathing the hair in renewed softness; – Lipids to create an effective barrier on the fiber’s surface and protect it from drying out; – Vitamins and Minerals to provide a boost of energy on the scalp. For color and non color treated hair. Professional blowout style is included.

Recharging Mask

Recharging treatment to repair and reinforce fragile, damaged and weakened hair. The hair appears healthy and brilliant and is easy to comb. For color and non color treated hair.

Revitalizing Mask

Nourishes and revitalizes, making dry or frizzy hair incredibly soft and tangle-free. Cashmere wool by-products and Vitamin E, in a new gel formula, work together to obtain exceptional results without weighing hair down: softening and smoothing the cuticle, reinforcing and protecting the hair fiber. Hair, pleasing to caress, is restored with luminosity and moves freely. For color and non color treated hair.

Illuminating Mask
Balayage highlights

Reveal new facets of beauty with Semi di Lino Diamante… the next generation of shine technology dedicated to glamourous, gloriously glowing hair… replete with jewel-like reflections. Microcrystalline Mask deeply nourishes dry, treated hair, leaving it soft, shiny and easy to comb. It smoothes the hair cuticle, making it softer, glossier and more manageable. Customized formulas and focused treatments act deeply to restore dull hair health and shine. Multi-sensory textures based on Semi di Lino extracts, E Vitamin and Omega-3 and Omega 6 favor the cuticles cohesion providing the hair with unique softness and shine. For color and non color treated hair.